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I just created my new blog with Jekyll. It’s not that my old blog sucked in any way; it was just hard to customize my Tumblr blog in a way programmers normally would, and Tumblr started having a lot of these people who would just add me to expand their subcultural social network. (K-pop, etc.)

Despite the above-mentioned reasons, my original motivation to create a new blog was because I recently began to think that I need my pet projects organized in a more professional way. I love navigating various domains that are not necessarily strictly related to software engineering, though I could never come up with a way to present these interests of mine to others with the proper terminology. Maybe I should start blogging about it and get corrections/ideas to improve myself.

I hope that this blog could give a clearer image of myself to those who want to know me. Things like what I am generally interested in, what I am good at, how my thinking process is like, or even what kinds of food I like to eat.

Oh, and also I started getting interested in photography. :smile: I’m hoping to upload my photos if they’re good enough… (The article cover photos are mine :v:)

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